Mural Painting – The Process

As an expert in mural painting and design, we create the best output through a well thought out creative process.

Anysurface’s process can be charted in the following stages:

Concept Development:
Client consultation: Understanding the client’s goals, vision, and context for the mural.
Research: Exploring themes, styles, and cultural influences relevant to the project.
Brainstorming: Generating ideas and creative concepts that align with the client’s vision.

Design Proposal:
Sketches: Producing initial drafts to visualise the composition and layout of the mural.
Mood boards: Curating visual references and colour palettes to define the mural’s aesthetic.
Presentation: Presenting the design proposal to the client for feedback and approval.

Site Preparation:
Site assessment: Inspecting and measuring the wall to ensure its suitability for the mural.
Surface preparation: Cleaning, repairing, and priming the wall to create an optimal painting surface.
Safety planning: Identifying and addressing potential hazards or access issues at the site.

Artwork Creation:
Grid transfer: Transferring the approved design onto the wall using a grid system, stencil or projection method.
Base layers: Applying background colours and large blocks of colour to establish the foundation of the mural.
Detail work: Painting intricate details, textures, and shading to bring the mural to life.
Quality control: Assessing the mural’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to align with the design.

Finishing Touches:
Protective coating: Applying a clear, weather-resistant sealant to preserve the mural’s vibrancy and longevity.
Clean up: Removing any debris, paint spills, or equipment from the site.

Documentation: Photographing and creating media of the completed mural for the client’s records and promotional purposes.