Al Bateen’s Street Art Project: A Community Canvas

Project Spotlight Street Art in Al Bateen:


In 2020, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, took on an ambitious project: decorating a 1km long wall that surrounds two heritage clubs and a primary school with vibrant street art.

This mural, designed by Acrylicize and produced by Anysurface, was completed in six weeks using over a hundred shades of paint by a team of eight street artists.

Street art plays a vibrant role in enriching communities by transforming ordinary spaces into canvases that speak volumes. This dynamic form of public art adds color and character to urban landscapes, often sparking conversations and inspiring communal pride. As street artists from diverse backgrounds express their identities and social commentaries, their creations become a mirror reflecting the community’s cultural and social fabric.

Through these public artworks, residents gain a unique platform for dialogue, connection, and cultural exchange, reinforcing a sense of belonging and community identity. This interplay between street art and community not only beautifies the environment but also fosters a deeper engagement with the public space. The mural brings the local culture, nature, science, and maths to life. It’s a creative way to show what Al Bateen is all about, making art accessible to everyone in our community.

This street art project is more than decoration. It’s a reflection of Al Bateen’s identity, a way to educate, and a source of community pride. It shows the power of art in bringing people together and enhancing our daily surroundings.